Saturday, December 13, 2003

Thrillnetwork Launches Pretty New Site, Still Has Same Laughably Pathetic 14-Year-Old Users

The online amusement park enthusiast community expressed great excitement recently, as Thrillnetwork launched its new, revamped product. According to a representative of the website, the creators of Thrillnetwork had high hopes for the new layout and content.

"In our past incarnation, we had some problems with lots of horny, stupid teenagers posting completely inane nonsense on the forums," said the rep. "We felt that our redesigned site, with its easy navigability and professional layout, would encourage these wankers to look elsewhere for their useless forum babblings. Sadly, we were wrong."

Heaving a profound sigh, the representative directed reporters to view the following recent pathetic Thrillnetwork forum topics: "age when you had your first girlfriend/boyfriend," "Keep her or dump her???," and "Pray For me Guys. I Need It."

"Damn," added the Thrillnetwork rep.

--The ARN&R Staff