Monday, June 07, 2004

"Coaster n' Campin'" Couple See Selves As "Coaster Enthusiasts," Not "Dirty White Trash"

Husband and wife team Mark and Karyn O'Harron see themselves as "coaster enthusiasts" as opposed to the freaky trailer trash they actually are.

The O'Harrons, who have never been a member of a coaster club, have never attended an enthusiast event, and who know very little about different coaster types, consider themselves enthusiasts nonetheless due to bi-yearly "coaster 'n' campin'" trips made during summer months.

"Karyn, she's a kindergarten teacher so she's off summers and me, I got my settlement check from my back injury on the job so it's not like I got much to do," reported Mark, who appears to enjoy getting tattoos much more than basic personal hygiene. "We're just nuts about parks, real enthusiasts. We love 'em all, Magic Mountain and Kentucky Kingdom 'specially."

Karyn, who sees nothing abnormal about cooking spice rack pasta in a Motel 6 room as dinner, continued, "We love 'em, them coasters. 'Specially The Beast, that's a good 'un... and... what's the name of that tall one? Something force? That one is kick-ass!"

"We're gonna go in our trailer one day," said Karyn, referring to the 1983 trailer in which they currently reside, "As soon as Mark fixes it up. All it needs is wheels and an engine!"

Mark concluded that they would love the parks even more, if only "them darkies learned their place and stopped bein' so uppity."