Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Overdrawn at the Jerk Bank

For our Site O' the Weak, we were just going to throw up the dreadful proof that the American educational system has utterly failed, but something leaner came along. Actually, it wasn't leaner; more like drunker, more racist, and intensely stupid. Yes, it's NoGodForMe up to his usual obnoxious self, spewing tiresome garbage from every orifice. Welcome to yet another Site O' the Weak honor, dude. You've been up here so many times we're going to have to start calling it the Robert Viands Career Achievement Memorial Site O' the Weak one of these days.

Incidentally, this RRC thread, aside from providing a lectern for dunderheaded bigots, features a pretty funny exchange where another poster gets busted by a Holiday World rep after announcing plans to take POV footage of their new coaster. D'oh!


[Editor's Note: Just for shits and/or giggles, if you can tell us the science fiction author who wrote the story the headline of this article references, you get a free cookie. Actually, screw that. You'll all just cheat and look it up on the internet. No cookies. Sorry.]