Friday, January 21, 2005

Enthusiast Tempted by Nor'easter Email Invite

According to sources close to the ACE New England Region, members recently received an email advertising for the Nor'easter event with the following questions:

Winter blahs got you down?

Opening day at your favorite park just can't come soon enough?

Haven't seen your coaster buddies since October?

Dying to buy that calendar / video / book / game you didn't get for Christmas?

According to enthusiast Marlon Georgiev, 23, the message was somewhat appealing because most of it was true when applied to him.

"Yeah, maybe I should go to Nor'easter," he said. "I was reading it and I thought, well, hell yes, winter blahs have me down. It's frostier out there right now than the reaction I get when I tell random high school girls at the mall how much I like being pummeled and thrashed by dueling woodies. And then I thought, well, I would kinda like to have Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, even though the park patrons in it are even stupider than the real ones at Six Flags parks. And I do actually think at least five times per hour about how much it sucks that Lake Compounce won't open until like May or June, so that one certainly applies to me."

"So I might think about going," he concluded. "Three out of four ain't bad."