Monday, June 06, 2005

Enthusiast Seeks Vekoma's Wisdom

A coaster enthusiast recently put to rest the controversy over the inversion count for Vekoma's Flying Dutchmen-style rides by contacting Vekoma itself. The enthusiast, who admitted to being "awfully confused by inversion counts," went straight to the almighty temple of truth, wisdom, and justice- Vekoma itself- for an answer to her ills.

"Our Flying Dutchman (1018 meters) has 7 inversions," read the email response from the company, which experts say has no interest whatsoever in inflating anything about its rides in order to sell more of them.

"Thank God," said the enthusiast. "Vekoma really was the obvious place to check for honest information about their own rides. I have beheld the mighty fountain of truth that is emailed information from Vekoma, and it is wondrous. Thank goodness this wasn't a waste of my valuable time."

In other news, the American Coaster Enthusiasts have just announced that they have organized a seance to ask John Allen if PKI Racer should count as one or two coasters.