Sunday, May 15, 2005

AbsolutelyReliableConeyCon I a Rousing Success

Yes, our first-ever event has come and gone. Well, for most of us, it's come and gone, anyway, though judging from the strange phone message we received well after leaving New York, it seems quite likely that you can still catch some of the crew at some bar on the shore right this very minute, if you feel like it.

If you can't manage that, have no fear, as we'll have full coverage of AbsolutelyReliableConeyCon I in the days to come, once one of the editors gets his film developed. (Yes, film. Back in the Dark Ages, boys and girls, people used this "film" stuff to create photographs. Some crazy-ass lunatics even still use it!).

And be sure to write in and tell us where you'd like our next event to be. Of course, we probably won't actually listen to your suggestions, and, even if we did, we still wouldn't offer any perks whatsoever if another sort-of-event ever happens again, but don't let that stop you from pouring your soul out to us.