Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Breaking News -- Huge Six Flags Profits

For the first time in over a half-decade, Six Flags Theme Parks Inc. announced mindblowingly incredibly unbelievably huge profits, thrilling investors with visions of a future of constant and enormous...

Oh, wait.


They lost metric assloads of money again. Didn't see that minus sign there.

Move on. Nothing to see here.
Ambassadors Fail in Mideast Peace Talks

After the latest round of violence between Israelis and Palestinians swept the Mideast this week, the United States took what many experts considered to be its boldest action in some years: sending in the Ambassadors. Sadly, the group of five high school youngsters serving as Ride Ambassadors at Worlds of Fun park, near Kansas City, unfortunately failed miserably in achieving lasting peace and harmony in the troubled region.

"I got the call personally from President George W. Bush," said Billy Joe Harrigan, 16. "I was proud to serve the interests of the world by flying over to India to work out the problems between the British and the Djiboutians. It didn't seem to work much, but we'll keep trying, just like we keep trying to get that dumb Boomerang to work right for more than four minutes at a time."

"It's too bad we couldn't succeed in doing, you know, that stuff or whatever," added Sue Canner, 15, in thoughtful, succinct fashion. "I tried to think of what I'd do to, you know, that thing or whatever on the Pirate Ship, but that didn't solve the problems for the Pakistanis and the Hare Krishnas or whoever it is that, you know, they don't get along or something."

Donte Stallworth, 18, noted that "anyone who doesn't love each other by Tuesday, we'll put them on Orient Express and ram those horsecollars down on their collarbones until they snap, and then those punks from Sri Lanka and Canada will fix stuff and we'll be heroes."

"Who are these cretins?" flustered United Nations Peace Discusser Umberto Boutros Darklighter said in a press conference this morning. "President Bush promises to help us resolve our problems with Palestinians, and then he sends over these idiot 'Ride ambassadors.'" -here Darklighter made those irritating air quotes with his fingers- "All they know about are amusement park attractions. They can't even figure out what country they're in or who they are supposed to be talking with! Why can't we get real negotiators?"

The question is a good one, but will likely remain unanswered. Today, high-ranking Israeli and Palestinian authorities assured ARN&R that they both fully intend to just go on killing and maiming and generally acting pretty much like complete assholes, and no Ride Ambassadors, Cast Members, or Special Happy Fun Mechanical Device Enabling Support Staff Technicians can stop them.