Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Disneyland Adds New Special Event Travel Package

Eager to please visitors who want to go that extra mile in pursuit of fun and whimsy, the Disneyland Resort in California has made available a number of exciting and heavily discounted travel packages to coincide with its "Celebrating 50 Years of Magical Memories" event, which runs from July 15-17. Among the cleverly themed offerings are Walt's Dream, which offers two nights at a Disney hotel, one day in the park, a handful of meals, trinkets, and seats at a few panel discussions for the insanely low cost of $1955.00 per person, and Roy's Plan, a very similar package that features a few less panel discussions and slightly fewer trinkets for the jaw-dropping bargain of $1750.00 per person.

Naturally, the incredible savings being offered by Disneyland for this once-in-a-millennium opportunity have made these limited travel packages sell briskly. With that in mind, Disney has generously announced that it will add another bargain travel package for its event. Although all property hotels are near capacity and most of the specific events mentioned in the other packages are booked solid, Disney promises that the customers who purchase "Goofy's Shaft" will have an incredibly fun time, all while being part of the big event and saving a ton of money over what they would pay just to visit the Disneyland Resort by normal methods.

Goofy's Shaft Will Include the Following:

- TWO (2) Nights Accommodation in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel parking lot (no cars, tents, campers, or sleeping bags, please).

- Continental breakfast at Downtown Disney's ESPN SportsZone (event attendees must pay for any food or drink consumed).

- Opportunity to shop at World of Disney superstore (no discounts available at this time).

- Exciting chance of a lifetime: "Be a Disney Food Service Worker." In this once-in-a-lifetime experience, event attendees will work preparing and serving food for twelve straight hours in a surprise restaurant in an actual Disney theme park.

- Opportunity to watch thousands of excited customers enter Disney's California Adventure from special reserved seating at back of theme park parking lot.

- Signed photographs of Disney movie stars. (Event attendees must provide photos, pen or pencil, and reasonably forged movie star signatures.)

- Disney Resort brochure and Disneyland park map.

- One (1) glass of warm tap water (night of 7/15 only).

- One (1) latex glove and one (1) scoop of vaseline (night of 7/16 only).

Tickets for the Goofy's Shaft event package are only $1,005.00, per person. Availability is limited to 500 Guests, so interested parties are encouraged to act quickly to reserve their place.