Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Screamscape Makes Up Park, Country, Coaster

In what has been described as "a shocking betrayal," "an abandonment of journalistic ethics," and "a sad statement on the state of affairs in coaster rumormongering today," it was disclosed that popular rumor site Screamscape had created a completely fictional amusement park, residing in a fictional country, and described it as receiving a nonexistent coaster.

"I was just posting another story about some park in Sweden or something that nobody but the idiots wealthy enough to be on the European Coaster Odyssey would ever go to anyway, when I decided, what the hell?" explained Screamscape creator Lance Hart in an exclusive ARN&R interview. "So I put in something about a new massive Intamin launched inverted hypercoaster going into a park called HartLand in a country I called Lanceonia."

Enthusiasts, once it was pointed out to them repeatedly that there is no park named HartLand, no country named Lanceonia, and no Intamin launched inverted hypercoasters, were furious. "I rely on Screamscape for nothing but totally reliable rumors!" said Joe Rittenhouse of Philadelphia. "To have the CoasterBuzz thread I started about the new coaster and my plans to go there next summer turn into nothing but me-bashing is just unfair." Rittenhouse is reportedly considering legal action against Hart.

In related news, an ACE executive committee member called Screamscape "tacky and inaccurate" and was seeking a refund from his travel agent, just prior to insulting all of ACE's members publicly.
Spelling Checked

We are pleased to note the awesome power we wield here at ARN&R. It has come to our attention that the webmasters of have noticed their designation as Site O' the Weak, a designation earned by being a visitor's bureau site with sloppy spelling and grammar. We are quite pleased that the site no longer features any mention of exciting "rollarcoasters," though just to prove we weren't seeing things, may we direct you to the cached version. We applaud for improving its product, and invite other websites to do the same. Expecially