Sunday, July 20, 2003

More Wacky Fun With Search Engines

Every now and again we do enjoy examining exactly who comes to visit our site and how on earth they got there. (There is no known scientific method for determining why, in the name of all that is holy, some of them actually even come back, but there are indeed a handful of these desperate souls.) Of late, the following searches have led unlucky folks to the hallowed halls of ARN&R:

Denise Richards Scratching Herself

How fortunate it is that we thought to make fun of people looking online for bizarre celebrity behavior months ago, and managed to include a phrase that someone (who we are more than a little frightened of) actually typed into Google! Welcome, O Strange Human With Really Weird Fetish Interests!

Kristen Kreuk naked

Sorry, young perverts! We have no photographs of the comely young star of Smallville and the AbsolutelyReliable hot tub here. But thanks for experiencing our website devoted to satirizing coaster enthusiasts and the amusement industry. It's basically the same thing! Oh, and to save you a little trouble next time, you should be aware that there are no pictures of Kristen Kreuk naked. Uh...not that we checked or anything. friend told us or something.

Jessica Alba belching

Ah yes. The classic. This one's been popping up for months. We admit it. You have us baffled. Anyone care to write in and explain why so many people wish to see Jessica Alba belching?