Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Holiday World Announces New Hanukkah Section

Last year, Holiday World had one of its largest expansions to date, Professional Assistant Day Village. While many in the industry felt the park would rest on its laurels after this expansion and the major additions to the waterpark, those many in the industry were proven, quite frankly, to be idiots. Holiday World has just announced another major expansion for next season, Hannukah Heaven.

According to spokeswoman Paula Werne, "this new section will encompass everything Hanukkah has to offer. Our giant Festival of Lights parade will surpass anything Disney has ever attempted, and the food stalls will jam patrons to the gills with latkes and soofganiot. Among the new rides will be the Intamin launched coaster Top Thrill Menora, a new flat ride called the Dreidel of Doom, and a simulator called Rededication of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem: The Ride."

Werne noted that the name of the new section is still being fine-tuned. "We were really pleased with the name," she said, "since 'Hannukah Heaven' is alliterative and just sounds fun, but then some Jewish friends of ours informed us that most Jews don't believe in the concepts of Heaven and Hell, so we might have a problem. We're taking suggestions and will decide in the Spring whether to keep this current name or alter it prior to opening for the 2004 season."

Werne did caution park visitors that, no matter the name of the new themed land, "showing up to the park eight days in a row will not get you eight presents from the Holiday World staff."