Monday, January 12, 2004

Six Flags Great America Gets Spinning Coaster; Six Flags Elitch Gardens Gets Halfpipe Coaster; Six Flags Astroworld Gets New Paint and Socks

While capital spending is down throughout Six Flags properties, Six Flags Inc. is showing a continued commitment to growth and rewarding parks that perform with additional investments.

Nowhere is that commitment more evident than in three purchases: a Reverchon spinning mouse coaster for Six Flags Great America, an Intamin "halfpipe" coaster -- the first in North America -- for Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and several gallons of new paint and up to a dozen new pairs of socks for Six Flags Astroworld.

Insiders at the Houston park are beside themselves with glee. "You know, after getting that great coaster last year we didn't think we could ever do better," said a highly-placed source on the condition of anonymity. "But this freakin' rules! The reason nobody likes Batman: The Escape has nothing to do with it being a short and boring ride with transitions like Plan Nine from Outer Space -- nope, that's not it. It's because it needs new paint! And our socks have really been getting old, and these new ones are nice -- 100% cotton, a variety of patterns, good and thick."

Despite the source's enthusiasm for the socks, other sources indicate that the park chain has not yet made a final determination on the makeup or design of the socks, and that in fact up to sixty percent of the socks may be made of polyester.