Wednesday, March 10, 2004

British ARN&R Correspondent Confused by British Reader's Inability to Find Humor in ARN&R

Recently, occasional ARN&R assistant writer VMA was most confused by the fact that British readers of ARN&R allegedly find the website completely unfunny. "Some bloody wanker claims he doesn't find ARN&R amusing because of his presumably more subtle and superior British sense of humor. Somehow I doubt the fact that he's British makes a jot of difference, since I am from London and have helped write two articles for ARN&R. One of them made use of various British slang terms and implied that Americans are morons, which my collaborator and I felt surely would appeal to Brits. I suppose the very special sod just doesn't like us, for reasons unrelated to his nationality. Or perhaps he's just Northern. They do tend to be a bit slow."

VMA has promised to proofread all future ARN&R articles, with the intention of pointing out places where words like "bollocks," "bugger," and "poofter" can be inserted to improve the website's popularity with the all-important "pommy bastard" demographic.

VMA also kindly pointed out that the word "wanker" was already being used quite extensively at ARN&R.