Monday, March 29, 2004

Team Woo Faces Competition

Amongst the large bellies, neon shirts and coaster tattoos of ACE's Spring Fling event at Six Flags over Georgia, this crack ARN&R reporter recently uncovered a battle brewing of epic proportions. While Team Woo has long been established as a set of enthusiasts with a pathetically annoying online presence, Whootah! recently challenged Woo's place at the top and is therefore this week's Site O' The Weak.

As this reporter walked around Six Flags over Georgia last weekend, he could not help but notice the ugly baby blue shirts and the uglier people in them. Simple yet toolish, their body wear displayed the detailed web address that I later found had an active message board and random graphics. With this simple web declaration the proverbial gauntlet had been thrown down.

At this time this reporter cannot offer additional insight into these beings (often nicknamed the beautiful people). But we assure you that our staff will burn the midnight oil in the massive AbsolutelyReliable Towers to get to the bottom of the mystery of "Who is Whootah!?" More importantly, we promise to have reporters and photographers at the scene when the great battle between Team Woo and Whootah! takes place. We are told it will be like the apocalypse as described in the book of Revelations, except without all the fire, brimstone, Jerry Falwell getting sodomized by Satan, four horsemen, etc. There will likely be much annoying whooping and hollering.