Sunday, April 18, 2004

Absolutely Reliable News & Rumors: We Have Ne F*cky Attitude

As always, we at ARN&R like to let you know when your favorite and/or most reviled amusement park satire blog is being discussed elsewhere on the web. For instance, our extremely tasteful, family-friendly, and girlfriend-pleasing little number about the Beaver Land Mine Ride has received both props and scorn at two different forums: Zero G Network and Coaster Net (which incidentally features one forum participant practically begging for us to make fun of the site).

However, one of our favorite forum discussions of all time has to be the one at Freizeitparkweb, a German site. Although one of our editors took two years of German in college and could probably hack some sort of moderately bad translation together with a couple hours of painstaking work, or we could just bother some German friends and make them tell us what it means, we actually found it to be much more hilarious (and far less time-consuming) just to run the thing through our free crapola online translator. Here's exactly what the stupid thing came up with:

Alternative to "Screamscape"
Not always wittily, sometimes for it the more:

As an answer to contribution No. 0

Relatively old, but over and over again entertaining...

Good English knowledge is from are of use...

Say sometimes, Bjorni...

... do you need, actually, still candles for yours Robb-Alvey-Altar?

(I have his Segway-Gesulze ' sometimes geblurt - no notion whether this fells anyhow under personal spiritual (*PRUST *) property or thus ...)

Greeting, Tim highly embarrassing thinks that you even his kind to sign Postings copy man

As an answer to contribution No. 1

> Relatively old, but over and over again entertaining...

Br?ndli, You have ' ne f*cky attitude!
Your superfluous comments have the nutritional value of old Rosti.

In contrast to your unjustified arrogance ARNR becomes daily updated, and earns now and then a tip, as well as You now and then a reference.

Dragon even on gebasht becomes Khan, simply come sometimes a little bit on the ground, then klappts also in the US forums.

> The only difference between VEKOMA and ALZHEIMER is PAIN.

Greeting, trick him relatively old, but is entertaining Track over and over again

As an answer to contribution No. 3

Ha?! What have I made now wrong?

I do not understand the post of Tim already at all, and I believe you, tricktrack, have not understood my post completely. If the intention had to say in keinster whiteness what the wrong....

Otherwise, tschuldige

The only difference between genius and insanity is success.
Greeting, Dragon bissche is irritated Khan

The general gist seems to be that some Germans like our site and some think we suck. Or something. We also once used the free translator tool on a Dutch website that mentioned us back in late 2002, and we came up with ridiculous comments like "Very good well-being lark this!" so it appears quite likely that said free translator tools are not entirely reliable. For instance, you should probably not use it to do your French homework, or you will get, at best, an F-.