Thursday, May 20, 2004

Six Flags Tijuana's Signature Ride Facing Protests and Complaints

Six Flags Tijuana's heavily themed Intamin Drop Tower, "The Big Boner," is under fire once again.

This time, the attraction is being protested by the American Family Association, which decries the ride as being "categorically obscene."

The Drop Tower, heavily themed to resemble the title of the ride, boasts only one circular car which wraps around the tower and is themed to resemble a giant hand. Upon reaching the top of the tower, the car shoots down in a fast stroking motion, then bounces repeatedly at the base until finally resting on the ground. Upon the completion of each ride, the top of the tower explodes with a fountain of water, drenching happy park guests below.

"We at Six Flags simply do not find this ride obscene," reported Six Flags CEO Gary Story. "The Big Boner represents what comes to all of our minds when we think of Tijuana, and as such The Big Boner should be seen as a treasure, not an eyesore."

More on Six Flags Tijuana as this story develops.