Sunday, May 23, 2004

Paul Ruben to Claim New Vekoma Boomerang as "Totally and Completely Unique"

After several months of breathless anticipation, coaster enthusiasts around the world have finally learned which new roller coaster will be described by alleged Park World editor Paul Ruben as "totally and completely unique." It will be a Vekoma Boomerang called Flipping Around Backward Gold Rush Eagle Surprise, to be installed at South Korea's Joy Funtown Magic Sparkleland late this season.

Ruben, lauded around the globe for riding over 1500 coasters and appearing on essentially every coaster special to claim each and every ride ever built is the most fabulous ever, notes that "this Vekoma Boomerang is utterly unlike anything else ever made, and it will set the standard for thrills in the new millennium." He also added that it "could just beat out Top Thrill Dragster, or whatever other coaster I was just paid to shill for, for the top spot on Planet Earth."

Ruben most recently lauded the striking originality of Six Flags Magic Mountain's Scream coaster, the ninth floorless coaster from Bolliger & Mabillard, and one that is nearly an exact clone of Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure. In the Winter 2004 issue of Rollercoaster!, Ruben thrilled amusement park lovers everywhere with his description of the ride as "a unique floorless coaster" and "a wild new interpretation of the flight through a corkscrew," and further noted that "the floorless coaster is a truly different ride experience." He also quoted a Six Flags rep who claimed Scream was "truly a unique and thrilling ride experience."

"Heck, if I write about the floorless coaster and pretend it's a brand-new idea no one has ever before explored, well, I'm sure I can act like a Boomerang is a thrilling and revolutionary concept," says Ruben. "As long as the money is good, anyway."