Wednesday, August 18, 2004


A friend wrote in to tell us that our article from Saturday had a factual inaccuracy. While the article makes mention of John Tesh as an Olympic commentator, he actually no longer serves in that capacity. Apparently some other buffoon named Al Trout Wig or something took over. We respond in the following manner:

1) Our friend knows way too much about gymnastics and/or the current whereabouts of John Tesh.

2) John Tesh sucks anyway.

3) Not that this was a point of the information we received, but we thought it important to clarify that Bob Costas also still sucks. In fact, he sucks so much that John Tesh once offered to spank him, something that would probably garner far better ratings than puff pieces about athletes who have overcome their grandmother's tragic bunion problem.

Nonetheless, we apologize for our error or something.