Monday, December 13, 2004

Psychotic Cretin Jerkoff Pity Award

Ah, he's back. Much like that fungus you just can't get rid of, no matter how much you scratch that crotch or blast it with Tinactin. Much like that ear-reaming new version of Do They Know Know It's Christmas? that appears to be constantly in play on every sound system in the known universe. And even like that bad case of spicy diarrhea you got from eating the burrito from the Mexican food stand, even though the chicken smelled like three-week-old sardines. Yes, it's the return of Psycho Loser Stalker Cretin Jackass Worthless Bitch-Ass Piece of Shit Slimeball Boy. And he's receiving a less-than-cordial response from both ARN&R and RRC.

Back when he made his first appearance as a Site O' the Weak at ARN&R, we wondered if our taunting, and that of pretty much everyone who deigned to even reply to him in his forums, would dissuade him from showing his grimy chancre of a face in public again. Sadly, he failed to take the hint, whereupon he landed a rare second Site O' the Week victory. At the time, we wondered...could this dickless pile of garbage possibly garner a threepeat?