Thursday, February 24, 2005

An Evening With Robosaurus

The fair industry is doing well these days. The Florida State Fair recently reported record earnings and large state events around the country are hoping for another year of growth. However, this success has led the industry to forget some of its veterans, the men and machines that built state fairs.

One of the saddest stories is Robosaurus. I recently sat down with Mr. Saurus and discussed his colorful history at fairs and monster truck pulls at his home outside Las Vegas.

Robosaurus in happier days

ARN&R: Where have you been the last few years?

RS: I kind of disappeared as fast as Ronnie James Dio, didn't I? Just kidding, I love Ronnie. We worked a lot together, I even incorporated "Holy Diver" into my act.

ARN&R: Back to your downfall.

RS: Oh yes. I got kicked off the fair circuit for doping in 1991 and my life kind of spiraled out of control after that. I had a bad smack habit and shuffled between odd jobs.

ARN&R: This must have been a hard transition for you.

RS: Oh, it was. One day I was breathing fire, signing autographs and crushing cars painted like the General Lee. The next I was a busboy -- it made life difficult. And those damn wine glasses were so fragile.

ARN&R: What was your lowest point?

RS: One day I was panhandling in Central Park. I was arrested by beat cops on horseback and taken to the New York City jail.

ARN&R: How did you fit?

RS: I didn’t. I had to stay in the yard and could only hang with people when they got their hour to lift. Plus, I couldn’t ball because I stood over ten stories above the basket. Everyone said I had an unfair advantage.

ARN&R: What is Robosaurus doing today?

RS: I am happy to say I am on the straight and narrow. I recently got the contract to play ten fairs in Kentucky and another five in Mississippi. In between I will be honorary judge at a few monster truck pulls and then heading to Hollywood as the Center Square while Whoopi is on vacation.

ARN&R: What is next for “the king of destruction and mayhem”?

RS (laughing): It’s been a long time since I’ve been called that. Let’s just say I am on the right path. I found Jesus through Jerry Falwell and he really helped me sort through some things. I gave up my car and bone crunching ways. A new Robosaurus is here to stay. I have to do a plug or my agent will kill me. For bookings please visit my website at

ARN&R: That’s great to hear. God bless.

Next week: an exclusive ARN&R interview with KITT from Knight Rider to find out where things went so wrong.