Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Website That Cried Wolf

There are advantages to running a website that has no capability to take anything seriously. First of all, it's fun. Secondly, we get amusing hate letters. And thirdly, it's really enjoyable to taunt anyone who does think anything on ARN&R is actually real. However, this week, we just found the first real disadvantage.

Even if we are being serious, no one thinks we're being serious.

Yes, we are the website that cried wolf. Theme Park Review was kind enough to link to our expensive and expertly-designed flyer for AbsolutelyReliableConeyCon I, and one of the posters assumed we were joking around about actually being there:

Looks like those guys have done it again [with] their great comedy goodness. I wonder if people are so stupid they will actually go to a coaster event that won't happen!

Wait! No, no, no. The event is actually happening, guys! We know we make up all sorts of crap all the time, and have never shown any ability to be serious or trustworthy, but we swear we're actually going to Coney Island. Come on down and you can meet with and/or indicate unwavering disgust with what looks to be 3-4 ARN&R writers and various friends, bodyguards and groupies. Really! Just don't expect anything free, especially food, ERT, or hookers.

Oh, but of course if you sign up for the AbsolutelyReliable Club before the event (for the low price of twenty dollars) you'll receive a five dollar discount over and above your already-discounted armband! Sweet, huh?