Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Forum Participants Recognize ARN&R as Satire

In 26,321 BC, Oog Tampopo laughed out loud (or, as Cro-Magnon man abbreviated it, "LOL") at a cave-wall painting Grok Rockwhack made of a fanciful ride called the Beaver Land Mine Ride, a painting that was filled primarily with realistic depictions of female body parts. This marked the very first time in recorded history that someone recognized that a satirical piece about the amusement park industry was actually meant as a joke and not to be believed and reported as fact to various internet forums.

It took until 2005 before this occurred a second time.

At Lounge of Tomorrow, in the midst of a recent discussion about the Disneyland "bargain packages" being offered this summer, a poster named CoasterMatt provided a link to an ARN&R bit making fun of those alleged deals. Both the original poster and the person who responded actually seemed to be completely aware that the story about "Goofy's Shaft" is not real, but indeed is meant to be silly and fake.

ARN&R will continue to monitor and report on any further news in this shocking and historical event.