Thursday, May 05, 2005

Remember ConeyCon

Have you totally rocked out to the ConeyCon flyer yet?

Have you signed up for it?

Ten days from now, a multitude* of ARN&R staff members and slavishly devoted fans will descened upon the beauty and light of Coney Island for AbsolutelyReliableConeyCon I! It is destined to rock your world, indeed, it is destined to rock you like a hurricane. Here I am, rock you like a...oh, sorry. Wrong band. We will be pouring sugar. We will be getting rocked. We will take photographs. We will be both hysterial and foolin'. We may, indeed, be armageddon it.

So drop us a line if you can make it. May 15. If you're not there, we will undoubtedly miss you in a heartbeat, whatever the hell that might mean.

* "Multitude" defined as any number larger than four.