Tuesday, May 24, 2005

From the Desk of Joe Elliott

We recently got this e-mail and thought the thousands in attendance at ARN&R ConeyCon I would like to know Joe's thoughts.


May 20, 2005
From the Desk of Joe Elliott

Hey Mates-

I just wanted to say "thanks" for the great time I had at your Coney Con a few weeks ago. To have such an amazing event given in honor of Def Leppard is amazing. Many of the enthusiasts in my home country are real wankers, so it was nice to meet some enthusiasts who did not suck balls.

I look forward to rocking out with you in the near future and kicking some tools in the berry and twigs at this here ACE Coaster Con that is coming up this summer. Thanks again for continuing to enjoy Pyromania; I look forward to more adventures.

Don't stop rockin',

Joe Elliott
Lead Singer, Def Leppard