Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Unknown Enthusiast Violated

The Unknown Enthusiast is mad. No, it's not because they ran out of cheese on a stick at Cedar Point or because his girlfriend got fed up with the amusement park wallpaper and left. It is because someone stole his signature move.

The U.E. was looking through the ECC Japan Trip photo updates. Days One through Six were fine, but on Day Seven he saw what looked like someone stealing his "X" move. He noted, "Yeah, the crossed arms was all my idea. I was doing that a few years ago on X's media day at Six Flags Magic Mountain and it caught on. All of my dogs at Westcoaster thought it was a good idea and I just kept doing it."

"However, I was distressed after looking through days Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen because my sig move was all over the place. What's up with that? Can't anyone go to Japan without trying to rip stuff off from the Unknown Enthusiast? This guy gets international exposure for peeping my coaster game and all I get left with is frustration."

The Unknown Enthusiast Represents With "The Move"

The U.E. noted that he was not only upset about the gratuitous use of the "X", he was sad to see it used by and for others. "If one dude wants to steal my game, that's ok. But, he was straight up using it to get some of the sweet ACE Princess and then even whitey got into the act. If you want to step to the Unknown Enthusiast you best know you're going to get dealt with," he angrily mumbled.

ARN&R will stay on top of both the continued scurrilous usage of "The Move," as well as the Unknown Enthusiast's reaction to the story. As always, you can also get the latest updates on the ECC/ACE Japan Trip from our "Breaking News" section.


[Editor's Note: For more on the infamous Unknown Enthusiast, please read about his appearances at Six Flags New England and Phoenix Phall Phunfest, and of course his ever-exciting Unknown Enthusiast's Amusement Park Tour.]