Thursday, September 22, 2005

Editor's 250th Not as Bad as Originally Feared

Back in 2003, we reported on the tragic incident where an ARN&R editor foolishly managed to log the wretched pile of wildebeest turds Great Nor'easter as his 250th coaster. It has recently come to our attention that the editor was mistaken about where this terrible, terrible Vekoma ride actually stood on his chronological list.

"I forgot to count some junior coaster or something," he tells us now. "Years ago, like before I was really keeping track. But then I remembered it out of the blue last week when I was updating my count."

Apparently, the unrideably awful Great Nor'easter now turns out to be the editor's 251st ride, while the Flitzer at one of the Morey's Piers moves into the coveted and extra-special 250th position.

"It's still kind of crap, I guess," said the editor. "I mean, it's just a stupid little Flitzer. It's a little family ride that doesn't do much except smell overpoweringly like gas. But hey, at least it ain't a Vekoma Hang 'n' Bang, right?"

Stating that the ARN&R editor still passed up a perfectly acceptable chance to ride the excellent Great White for his 250th instead of his 249th, the American Coaster Enthusiast Brute Squad is thought to be actively pursuing this individual for questioning.