Sunday, March 26, 2006

Minimal Updates Alert

Just to alert our meager and probably unconcerned audience, but updates will probably be very infrequent through the end of next weekend. The ARN&R Head Honcho, Supreme Chancellor, and Janitor (that would be JCK) will be working four, count 'em, four jobs next week. In addition to a temporarily fulltime day job, he will be playing rehearsals and concerts for two different orchestras and bowing string parts for a third. That probably doesn't make any sense to non-musicians out there, so we'll put it this way: in his quest to pay bills and buy non-peanut-butter-based foodstuffs, the moron didn't budget enough time on any given day to do more than one of the following: eat, sleep, take a shit.

Therefore, don't be offended if nothing (or at least close to nothing) appears here for a week or so; we'll be back in force afterward. Oh, and if any articles do appear over the next few days, it's almost certain that they were written in the middle of the night during a late-night Jolt Cola-fueled brain spasm, and we will deny any knowledge of having written them.

Thanks for your patience during this highly annoying time for us.


[Other ed. note: Hey, go check out the forum if you're pining away for ways to spend your time.]