Sunday, July 23, 2006

Six Flags Announces Additional Revenue Enhancement Efforts

Six Flags (NYSE:SIX) announced yesterday additional initiatives designed to increase revenue, following its recent announcement that it would pursue the sale of various parks. Among the planned efforts:

- FastPass will now be available for every line-creating place in every Six Flags park, including food concessions and restrooms. Non-FastPass guests will be allowed to purchase a single hot dog (without condiments or a bun) once an hour, if there are no FastPass guests within fifty feet. This hot dog will cost $10. Parks will introduce new non-FastPass restrooms featuring a bare patch of dirt and a shovel.

- Ride restraints will now cost extra.

- Purchasing an admission ticket to any Six Flags park will also constitute full informed consent to uncompensated medical experimentation while in the park. Six Flags spokesman Mbute Yosi told ARN&R that an unnamed multinational pharmaceutical company expressed interest in paying the company "quite a lot" to test a new priapism treatment. Any patron who is injured by or dies as a result of the pharmaceutical testing will receive a gift certificate for a free hot dog.